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Agencies Treating Solar Eclipse as Disaster

On August 21st, the U.S. will experience a most breathtaking solar eclipse.  "Modern" America hasn't seen anything like it in almost 100 years.  Things have changed a lot in that time:  smart phones, fast cars and highways, electrification of the world....millenials.

How will people react to this amazing celestial event?  Eclipse facts:  the temperature will drop 20 degrees, nocturnal animals will emerge (crickets will chirp, birds will go quiet, etc.), the sky will darken significantly...  bottom line:  It's going to be spectacular!

One of the biggest concerns is traffic and accidents.  Small towns set to have the best view of the event are getting booked and overrun with visitor requests.  These towns are not set up to handle 20,000 people (or more) over their normal population.  The infrastructure is not there, the public safety and EMS is not there.  Many local municpalities are reacting to the eclipse, already, as a "disaster" scenario -- some are even going so far as to advise their citizens to "stockpile food and water" and to plan on "emergency services being delayed".

Pragmatic concerns like traffic aside, people who study space weather and prophecy note other "problems" which might accompany an eclipse in the form of earthquakes, volcanic eruptions (due to gravitational and sun-generated effects of the eclipse, stellar alignments, etc.)....some believe, this eclipse could bring general signals of the Apocalypse.

Whether your personal take is "non-event", mere curiosity, or "watch carefully" -- this eclipse is going to be something to remember, so our advice at Omega is this:  Enjoy with caution and preparation.  Big surprise!


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