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Ballistic Missile Fired at Riyadh: Media Crickets

My head about exploded when I read that a ballistic missile had been fired from Yemen at the capitol city of Saudi Arabia, Riyadh.  Apparently it was intercepted by a Patriot missile battery at the capitol's main airport.  Amazing.  Stunned.  HUGE news, right?

No.  I heard no coverage in main stream media, although I did talk to a couple of people who said yes, they did "hear something about it" in passing on Fox.  I would think this would be front page news world-wide.  So why isn't it?

My guess, and I have no proof, is that Saudi Arabia fired the missile (or had it fired) on itself in order to bring their people into line for both continued war in Yemen (which has been going on for a couple of years) and most likely expanded war in Lebanon and ultimately Iran.

Saudi and Kuwaiti citizens were ordered out of Lebanon this week.  Now, the U.S. is claiming the missile was Iranian in origin.  Bottom line here is it looks like some serious shit is brewing in the Middle East at this point.  Chess pieces are in flux.



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