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Catalan Independence from Spain, Hurricanes War-Gaming Collapse Scenarios

Catalan region of Spain is moving for independence from the Capitol and Spanish governmental authority with massive local popular support.  A recent rally was held in support of the King and Spanish government to maintain control, by force if necessary, of the independent-hopeful Catalans.  Numerous videos surfaced of police brutalizing people who were attempting to vote on the referendum, which the Spanish government refuses to recognize and in fact condemns as illegal activity.  Today, the 10th of October, we are awaiting the announcement (just minutes away) as to whether the Catalans will publicly and forever committ "treason" by trying to separate from Spain, under the threat of arrest, or whether they will back down and kiss the ring of the crowned King.  Interesting.

Recent hurricanes have utterly and literally destroyed Virgin islands like St. Martin, as well as now Puerto Rico.  Those on the U.S. mainland fared better, but looting and food scarcity still occurred.  The less organized and harder to reach islands, however, gave us a sad, but accurate glimpse into what we could expect even here on the CONUS should a severe disaster occur -- looting and food scarcity.  Starvation and hardship.  Within 3 days of supply shortages, there were reports of armed gangs roaming the Virgin islands stealing supplies and anything else they deemed appropriate.  Venezuela is another glimpse into these conditions and what they do to the average person.  I saw a video that looked like it was out of Mad Max...a bunch of motorcycles running down a tractor trailer with supplies on it, forcing it to pull over so they could loot its contents!  Crazy stuff.  It can and will happen.


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