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Ebola in Congo Spreads to Major City

It's likely only a matter of time until Ebola spreads to the U.S. via Congo.

As we saw last time, Ebola showed up in the U.S. in several places.  I was shocked that it didn't spread.  Forbes magazine retracted an article which said they, and other media, were told NOT to spread news about Ebola.

We had a scare recently in Tennessee at the University Hospital in which a thought-to-be-positive Ebola case in a person who was in Congo a week prior.  They said a few days later it was a false positive.  Oddly, also in Tennessee, during the last outbreak when US officials and docs were sent overseas, there was NO quarantine of returning medical staff, so a returning team of docs quarantined themselves -- but that was after being flown back on passenger aircraft with other passengers.

The US seems to have little concern regarding isolation.  Be ready.



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