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January 2018 News of Interest

The weather has been on everyone's minds lately.  More white death in-coming THIS weekend, in fact, everyone is saying.  If I'm beating a dead horse, tell me, but I'm going to mention again my fascination with studying and following the "grand solar minimum" (I'll even link it here for you where you can get a great low-down on Youtube) -- everything that is said about it seems to be occurring.  It's 16" of snow in the Sahara Desert and 50 degrees in Alaska...the jet stream is having its "wiring" messed with due to our weakening magnetic fields here on Earth.  I urge you to look into it for yourself.  Don't take MY word for it -- PLEASE, do your own research!

Chinese officials were reported to have been "overheard" stating that they are considering reducing or even eliminating their on-going purchase of U.S. Treasuries (our debt).  This is a big deal because if no one will "lend" us money, our bankrupcy will become un-hideable and likely very tough times would ensue.  The Petrodollar, although under-reported, has been taking blow after blow for the past 3-4 years and once it's gone, the dollar will be hurting.  It's come out today that the Chinese say this talk is "Fake News" -- doth they protest too much?  Or are the rumors true?  I don't know.

Mount St. Helen's AND the San Andreas fault have both apparently awoken as our Earth seems to be going through some changes due to who knows what...  The sun?  No way to tell, but Bay Area residents have become very on edge, adding to California's woes as of late.  Some are saying the "big one" is close at hand.  All I know is dormant volcanoes are coming to life left and right.  Very vulcanistic right now.


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