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Madagascar: Not Good, Plague Spreads


I've been harping on the pneumonic plague outbreak in Madagascar for weeks (mainly on our FREE Alerts App) -- the WHO is highly concerned, saying there's "something different" about it this time.  Plague is common in African countries annually, however, this version is spreading by airborne means and is more deadly than usual....killing in under 24 hours at times.

Ladies and gentlemen, this disease has killed 1/5th of the known worlds' population in the past, far worse than the often cited Spanish Flu epidemic.  The plague is nastier in what it does to its victims, making its containment that much more difficult with bodily fluids to contend with and then the mortality rate.  There are unconfirmed reports that it actually HAS already lept to the African mainland and popular British tourist areas.

It's one plane ride away folks.  Be advised.


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