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Visa Pushing for Cashless Society

The worldwide march towards a "cashless society" continues.  It's been talked about for decades and recently India ditched certain denominations of its currency to the wide dismay and even death of some citizens.  Yes, five people died of exhaustion while waiting in lines to exchange currency.  It's true!  For what purpose?

European countries' governments are talking about going cashless....now Visa is enticing businesses here in the U.S.A. to cool it with the cabbage.  Shoot, the "green back" is hardly green any more anyway.  You can expect to see more of this move in the name of saving humanity from the terrorist bogeyman and drug dealers, of course, but in the end it means total surveillance of all purchases and the end of garage sales as we know them.

Sounds like a great idea.  Not to mention having the infrastructure in place to actually implement a "you-can't-buy-or-sell-without-this-chip" system ("the mark" anyone?).  Why does anyone really care if we use cash?  Just like outlawing drugs doesn't stop the drug trade and outlawing guns won't stop gun deaths -- outlawing cash will not stop bad people from doing bad things.  Seems like just another way to exert more control over We the Pleebs.


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