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Who/what is "Q" ?

There has been a lot of buzz lately (since around October 2017 anyway) about a person or group, purportedly inside the White House, which has been releasing highly disturbing (or perhaps highly encouraging) information regarding the -- again purported -- "war" going on between the "deep state" (rogue elements within government seeking power) and "true patriots" within the Trump Administration and the U.S. Military and traditional (as we know it) political system.

Wow.  That's a mouthful with a LOT of ifs ands and buts.  It's very difficult to discern at this point whether "Q" is just some guy with a keyboard, or some representative trying to break real information and inside ballgame to the American people before the media picks up on it -- IF they would ever pick up on such things to begin with!  We do not pretend to know one way or the other, but as ALWAYS, merely report things that are said in various spheres.

As ALWAYS, it is up to YOU to injest the information and make up your own mind.  With that said, here is a Youtube video which speaks to some of Q's recent (19 Jan 2018) info:


  • Ted Wasserman

    I think that the Q entity is clever. He creates a pick your own adventure style game by inviting his followers to research for him and feel like they are a secret group fighting for a just cause.
    But I don’t see anything to convince me he isn’t a teenager having fun with us.

  • Tina

    The weather is bad and the storm is huge. The Southern Colorado Utah border area is a vast and harsh place. Being raised in a land of huge canyons teaches you things, you learn to live prepared. Offering your classes to a metro area makes me think in terms of “Who will be remembered as a hero/savoir?” (When we get this drainage problem solved! lol)
    I’ll never be able to visit your store but it sounds amazing. Carry on!!!
    I HAVE THE APP. I READ BETWEEN THE LINES. Now you know me and I know you!

    Best Regards,
    Tina Christensen-Shay

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