24 Pop Up Hand Towels / Fire Starters

  • Fire starting
  • First aid applications
  • Water filtration aid
  • Hygiene uses
  • Extremely small & light weight
  • Inexpensive

As you'll witness in the video above, these little "pop-up" towels are a must-add for all the bags we build for ourselves here.  Extremely small and light weight, they take up no room at all in a pack, but offer big advantages.

They're wrapped 8 to a tube heat sealed in plastic, making them water tight -- so if you're planning on using them for tinder, you'll always have dry, 100% cotton fibers to work with.  Instead of a huge zip lock bag of dryer lint, you can have the same amount of fibers in a tiny, pre-packaged nickel-size unit.  Tear off a small piece, expose the fibers, and it will take even the smallest spark to ignite.  Add some chapstick or vaseline to the fibers to get an extra long burn time.

You'll get 3 tubes of 8 towels per tube.

Medical applications are possible as the towels are sterile and 100% cotton, which is absorbable by the body, safe to apply to wounds.  The shape of the towel when expanded is perfect for finger splints, makeshift gauze, or eye patches.  Plenty more you could do medical wise, just use your imagination.

Hygiene is what the towel was actually created for and the potential there is enough to warrant having them alone...toilet paper, bathing, even tooth cleaning.

You can see in the video how the towels can be used as pre-filters to keep your water filter operating at peak performance and longevity.  So many uses.

For the capability and space they don't  take up in your pack, at about .25 each, they are well worth the investment.

The little "spark wheel" seen in the video can also be purchased at Omega.  It's another one of our favorites.  Storing in the space that is the size of a stack of nickels, I can make 40 or 50 fires from these little towels, using one simple spark from an equally tiny device.

You have all of the stated reasons for keeping these dehydrated towels on hand:  sanitation, pre-filtering water, sterile bandaging, and others -- add FIRE STARTING to the list and these towels become a must-have item in your bag.

So tiny, so powerful.  So unique.

20 Towels Individually Wrapped $4.95
Fire making and more for years into the future!