SP-300 Heavy Duty Caltrops

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Sold in packs of 5 caltrops. They're not cheap -- because they're not cheap.

Each one is hand-made here in Dayton, Ohio, from high quality A36 steel.

We will NOT ship to CA, NY, or TX.

The only caltrop remotely as robust is a government-contracted version used by specialized military units. If you can find this government-contracted verion for sale, they will cost you double what the SP-300 does. Furthermore, I contend, the current military version does not measure up in the durability or "cool" categories as does the SP-300.

A caltrop is a tire spike used to disable a vehicle by puncturing the tire(s). You've probably seen them used in fictional movies like James Bond, but they are a real-life device employed by security, military, and other specialized organizations the world over.

No matter how you throw a well-designed caltrop to the ground, it will land with a spike pointing up. The origin of the caltrop was a much simpler design, more used to spike the hooves of poor, unsuspecting horses which carried men into battle, as well as to go through the foot of marching soldiers.

Presently, of course, the "horse" is a vehicle. The SP-300 is perfect for driveway defense on your own property should the occassion ever call for it. The SP-300 is a proprietary design with parameters that keep in mind heavy duty tires which may be used by potential threats. We have smaller caltrops which are useful against normal, smaller tires, but the SP-300 had much bigger, tougher tires in mind when it was conceived.

Made from 1/4" thick A36 steel, each caltrop stands 3" tall and 3" wide -- we've improved the design with a larger cut dimension. The groove cut into each tine of the caltrop allows air to quickly rush down the length of the tine, deflating the tire all the quicker with a wider swath of trauma to the rubber.

These are premium devices that are sure to succeed in the mission and look sweet doing it, or sitting in your man library.

There is a 14 day lead time as we are a small shop. We recommend a set of at least 10 for a sure-fire "spread" when using.

Guaranteed workmanship or your money back.

Shipping is kept at $5.95 within the U.S.

Omega Survival Supply, LLC., owner of this shop, accepts no liability for the buyer's end use of this product. They are legal to possess unless you live in NY, CA, or TX, so we will not ship them to these states -- they are, however, very illegal to deploy no matter where you live as they could result in the destruction of property and even endanger life. Please own these tools responsibly should you decide to purchase them.

Pictured with our Titanium Deflator and 4-Way Faucet Key.