Recovery Tool & Grappling Hook

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I was skeptical about two things:

  1. Did it work as billed?
  2. Would it actually be useful?

The answer to both is a resounding "Yes".  Just take a look at this video we made of the "Baby Brother" to this recovery tool.  The larger model found purchased on this page works in the exact same manner, but with higher weight capacity:

The thing about this tool, and it is a legitimate tool, is that it has very specific uses for very random situations.  It's not like a knife or fire starter (which is why we've placed it in the "For Fun" category in our webstore) -- it's hard to imagine the situation in which you would need this tool, but that's the thing about it:  If you do need it, there is no substitution for this tool.

I hope that makes sense.

It's made of stainless steel, likely 304.  The durability, as we've tested the product, is holding up just fine with no failures.  We used it to ratchet and pull some logs, train branches, and have used the rather powerful magnet to pick up some Conibear traps.

  • ✔ 2 In 1 Multifunctional Hook- Use it as Gravity Hook or Grappling Hook as you wish. Allows you use it as a Handy Multi tool for Camping, Hiking and other outdoor activities.
  • ✔ Gravity Hook with Magnet- Permanent magnetic part can hold up about 35lb. Easy to stick the steel material out of reach. Bat Gear Tie for emergency connect, makes your Batman dream come true.
  • ✔ Strong Bearing- The hook can hold weight up to 170lb (experimental data)*. It's not a problem to pull your vehicle. Be safe before the trial. NOT for Bearing Human Weight.
  • ✔ Small & Light- Small and compact, could be used as gravity hook or grappling hook, very easy to carry and use, weighs about 320g/0.7lb, just like bringing a can of beer, put it in your bug out bag when you need it.
  • ✔ Versatile Applications- Lots of functions are waiting for your exploitation. For outdoor activities, outdoors survival training, outdoor adventures. Used for disaster relief. Climbing tree, anchoring, fishing, rescue vehicle traction, grapple falling objects, etc. Not for Climbing Mountain.