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Lowest Prices on Bulk Food Storage

90% of your preparedness dollars should be going to food & water supplies.

You do not want to find yourself in line with hundreds of other frustrated, angry citizens at a grocery store in riot conditions, or worse, in a government-run handout line.  You'll be kicking yourself for not securing your food supply as your stomachs grumble and tensions flare.  Spend the money and lay in a supply, then ADD to that supply as your finances allow.

As usual, you won't see our full collection here on the website.  We urge you to come to the store and speak with staff about exactly what you are preparing for to insure that your dollars are maximized and your needs are met.  In addition to Legacy, we also carry Mountain House, Wise, and several other brands of long-term storage food.

We guarantee you the LOWEST price...even beating the internet....with LOCAL accountability and experienced advice.

Our web prices are low, but if you contact us (or stop in the shop) before you order we may be able to cut you even a BETTER deal which we aren't able to advertise online!  It's the beauty of small business customer service.  Shipping for these huge supplies is always FREE.

Private Consultation

Private Consultation

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