What a great day we had!  Here's just a SMALL taste of what went on:

It all took place Saturday, November 11th, 2017, a day of learning demonstrations by local area experts in several fields.  We worked hard to deliver activities for the day.

1.  Bearded Kilt Forge forged swords all day long, 10am to 4pm.  Great chance to see a real craftsman at work. Talked shop, learned the ins and outs and how you might get started in forging for yourself.

2.  David Storm, long time instructor at Omega and all around adventurer of many moons and places, leader of a private outfitter in Zanesville, Ohio, did several demonstrations throughout the day including primitive fire making, how to use the bull whip. . .and perhaps another interesting tool -- we'll see.

3.  Steve Southard, leader of 3rd Millennium Survival, will be taught a Viking method of navigation and time-telling by the sun, as well as how to create make-shift water filters which can produce potable water in the field using common materials.

Primitive Survival teaches the survival skills of fire making, shelter building and water and food procurement, visit link above for details of our workshops, 937-604-6028.

4.  Mike Ruppert was on hand to make your knives as sharp as sharp can be.  You know him and love him -- come for the sharpening, bring your blade...stay for the stories and the rest of the day's activities!

5.  Dayton's own Patriot Pin Ups chapter were here from noon to 2pm, representing their awesome veterans' charity group.  They'll have some interesting wares to purchase, probably a story or two and you can read more about them here.

6.  Got your Baofeng UV-5R radio programmed FREE of charge starting first thing at 10am only until Noon.  Doesn't take long.  Ask Juan or Alex, our resident commo (not commie) advisors your Amateur Radio questions while you're here!

7.  The 2017 Omega Christmas Canned Good Drive will have started as well, so bring a canned good, just ONE, and you'll be entered to win a $50 Omega Gift Card!

The day started at 10am and ran until the shop closed at 4pm.