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A little something about availability...

I strongly urge you to purchase supplies *NOW* -- the reason is this:  When a disaster strikes, sometimes it's immediate, sometimes it's delayed, but supplies WILL go into a backorder scenario.

When the nuclear disaster at Fukushima first occurred, for about 6 months we were not able to get potassium iodine tablets.  Whatever stock was out there were quickly bought up and re-stocking took months to recover.

If everyone goes for something at once, stocks don't last long.

Now that millions of acres of Midwest cropland, the breadbasket of the nation, has been decimated by March 2019 flooding, millions of livestock killed, half of small farmers effected not being able to survive, hundreds of millions in feed grain being lost -- what are we looking at in the next 3 months, 12 months??

What will beef prices look like?  Corn?  Bread?  Shortages?

The storage food industry will certainly be hit.  Prices will likely rise.  We don't know if availability will be an issue, but my bet is:  Yes, availability will be an issue.

We are a small store.  When our clients rush us, stocks don't last long.  We can, however, have things shipped here quickly and less expensively than you will find them on the internet -- plus, our address is your address. . .that is, you can have your supplies shipped here, rather than to your actual home address.  Omega gives you a hedge of anonymity.  It's no one's business what you purchase.

So again, the point of this article is this:

When disaster strikes, everyone will notice and everyone will go for the same supplies.  You must prepare NOW or odds are you will not even be able to purchase what you need at any cost.

Carpe diam.