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About Berkey & Water Filtration

Berkey water filter dealer in dayton ohio

Dayton, Ohio.  Clean water is of the upmost importance.

Many people don't realize that filtering water without electricity is easy and effective.  You can literally scoop water right out of the Great Miami River, the pond down the street, or even the pool in your backyard and make that water safe to drink in very short order.

The Berkey water filter is an expeditionary grade filtration system which you can use in your own home at a cost of about $0.005 per gallon -- that's half a cent per gallon -- far cheaper than purchasing bottled water.

We are lucky here in the Midwest.  We can walk in any direction for a short period of time and we'll trip over a water source.  All you need is a filter and your water source is secured.  Drinking water, cooking water, water for hygiene.

Give us a call 937-212-5561 or come to the shop and we can answer all of your questions.  We personally use all of the filters we carry and trust them entirely.

As always, while we can't advertise our prices, we Guarantee that if you invest in this local business you WILL pay a LOWER price than even Amazon -- and you'll certainly get better customer service.