Lockpicking 201
Next Course:  May 5th, 2018, a Saturday, at 4:30pm at the Omega Store.
Cost:  $40.oo
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Number of spaces remaining:  12

Whether you've already joined us for one of our lockpicking seminars, or if you're a self-taught picker, this class will help take your picking skills to the next level.  This advanced class, Lock Picking 201, picks up where the basic 101 level class leaves off.  Learn techniques to open stubborn and high security locks.

American locks
Best locks
High security padlocks
Mushroom pins
Un-shimmable locks
Pick resistant locks
Locks with security plates

Come armed with your questions regarding difficulties you might be experiencing, concepts you've always wondered about, and be ready to really advance your skill set and knowledge base.

Take this class seriously, bring a notepad and invest in yourself and your skills with a true master at your disposal for a few hours.

To sign up for this seminar, or for more information, CONTACT US.
omegacom@gmx.com   |   937-212-5561   |   Or, stop in the store.