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AR-15 and Bolt Action Rifle Maintenence

AR-15 and Bolt Action Rifles Seminar
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Cost:  $10.oo
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David Clark, former Ft. Benning Georgia instructor, is back with us to help familiarize and explain these two types of rifles from the ground up on a foundational level.  You won't find a "drill instructor mentality" here, just people sitting in a classroom environment learning about a piece of equipment.

You'll get to handle both types of rifles, see how they load (with dummy ammunition), unload, work in general, as well as how to take them apart for cleaning properly.  It's a great chance to familiarize yourself with both types of rifles in a low pressure environment, or brush up on skills that may have lapsed over the years.

All comers and ages are welcome.  You may bring your own rifle for Mr Clark to explain, but there will be no live ammunition in the classroom (so don't bring any) and your firearm will be checked before entry.

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