AR Technician's Course
Next Course:  February 18th, 2018, a Sunday from 8am to 5pm at the Omega Store
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Number of spaces still available:  7

This course is intended for AR style rifles and carbines in 5.56mm or .223.

The course, developed by the SAFTD, was extended to SBFT to teach students how to properly clean their rifle to the "John Christian" level. Complete field strip and reassembly will be covered, as well as how to perform basic modifications to your rifle. 

All students will have the option of taking home a Breakthrough Cleaning Kit for the AR, patches, q-tips, pipe cleaners and a Real Avid carbon scrapper.

You can decide at checkout to pay $99 without the kit, or $149 with the kit.

Students need to bring their UNLOADED rifle and at least one magazine. Do not bring any rifle ammunition of any kind to class with you.

The course will be applied by Surprise Break Firearms Training -- whom we here at Omega have come to really like, fully support, and recommend our clients to engage with for some great training of most any variety.  Locally.


If you decide to Register for this Course, after you do, please then come back and:

DOWNLOAD/PRINT FORM for our convience and yours, please, print and fill out this form with a black ink pen and bring it to class with you. This will help us speed up the class, so we can spend more time training and improving skills. Thank You!