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Bug Out Bike Living Seminar

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Cost:  $30.oo
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Beloved instructor and consumate adventurer, David Storm, is back with us to share his many experiences on the road touring with his bike, buddies, and dogs.  I've seen David's bike set up and it's bordering on something you'd see in a dystopic future movie in which a traveler through the apocalypse chooses a bike as his means of transport -- saddle bags and trailers, along with the necessary equipment to live on the road, without being overloaded.

This seminar is not just for "preppers" -- if you're interested in camping, hiking and how to bike to experience all three -- this seminar will help you, too!  If you've ever thought of going on a long distance bike trip, this is a man with whom you wish to speak and learn.

Topics covered will be:

  • What is bike touring
  • Who travels by bike
  • Selecting a bike
  • Understanding gears
  • How far can one expect to ride in a day
  • Selecting the proper tires
  • Carrying gear/load bearing
  • Where to sleep
  • How to get food and water
  • Daily bike checklist and maintenence
  • Traveling with kids or pets
  • Getting started -- on a budget!
  • Where to go first

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