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Chess with Preppers & Apocalyptic Movie

Chess with Preppers + An Apocalyptic Movie
Next Meeting:  TBA
Cost:  FREE

So it would seem that chess playing may be regaining steam.  I used to play, but no one plays much anymore.  Recently I was contacted by a couple of friends (all at once, oddly) who were looking for people to play with. . .so this just-for-fun "class" was born.

Come to the shop and we'll sit and play chess with other preparedness-minded folks while we let a good movie play in the background on low volume.  I'll bring a few titles, but I'M gonna make the final call on the flick we watch!!  We'll get some pizza or something and play some chess.

Doom and gloom is NOT required.  We can talk preparedness planning, sure, but you don't have to have a beard, canned goods, and a shotgun to attend.

Let's make our brains bigger!  Just show up.  Bring a chess set.

To sign up for this seminar, or for more information, CONTACT US.
omegacom@gmx.com   |   937-212-5561   |   Or, stop in the store.