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Survival Skills 101 Class with Dave Howard in Cincinnati Ohio

If a natural disaster hit today could you survive?  If you were on vacation and ahad a problem away from populated areas, would you get through it?  Your answer will be "Yes" after this class!

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Dave Howard graduated Army Ranger school, works with numerous well known survival experts such as Creek Stewart, has appeared on "Fat Guys in the Woods" (see video below) and now he hosts a special 3 days class in the Northern Cincinnati, Ohio, area which you can attend.

Along with your $60 registration fee, you'll receive a Starter Survival Kit which includes:

  • A Pro-C Morakniv, carbon blade made in Sweden with sheath
  • An extra large "ferro" rod good for making hundreds, even thousands of fires
  • An Aquamira emergency drinking straw, perfect for any kit
  • ...and an emergency blanket great for personal use or for shelter building

Saturdays in 2016:  February 6th, Feb 13th, and Feb 20th of 2016 from 9am-1pm in Blue Ash.

Here's a quick synopsis of what you'll participate in:

  • Fire starting skills without matches
  • Shelter building skills using natural and man made materials
  • Water purification skills using several methods
  • Proper knife skills
  • Rope or "cordage" making skills using man made and natural materials
  • Camping options (tent vs. hammock, etc.)
  • Gear selection criteria instruction
  • Mentality in survival situations
  • Other miscellaneous skills as time and circumstance allows
Dave is a great guy, down to earth and knowledgable -- Omega endorses this class 100%.