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Dayton Ohio Auction Sunday, November 17th, 2019

As part of our restructuring here at Omega Survival, we have to liquidate a lot of inventory -- including some retail displays.  Being an avid collector of interesting objects, we're also adding in some of our personal possessions like beer taps.

SUNDAY, November 17th, 2019 -- The auction will get started around 10:30am here at the Omega Survival building at 300 Warren Street, Dayton, Ohio, 45402.


Here is a partial list of what is available:  Double bladed Estwing axe, Gerber saws, multitools, machetes, girls backpack with bullet proof panel, fish filet knives, spear heads, tomahawks, Maglites, metal detector, security alarms, handcuffs, leg cuffs, whistles, flashlights, weather radio, candles, self defense key chains, Lansky items, nun chukas, samjoks, stun guns, general survival tools, pocket knives of all kinds, fixed blade knives, ropes, gothic battle axe, batons, skinner knives, neck knives, camp knives, throwing stars, camp shovels, laser sight, Colt knives, many survival related books, wooden ammo crates, fleece and wool caps, boonie hats, dry bags, tarps, rain gear, satchels, ponchos, some backpacks left, newspaper fire brick press, camp cookery, weight bearing gear with canteens, plastic 55 gallon drums, steel 55 gallon drums, Lifestraw bottle water filters, a few Berkey filter parts, water storage bags, lockpicking accessories, caution tapes, some caltrops, boots, security patches, sleeping bags, ghillie suit, camo netting, Goal Zero spotlight, battery testers, survival DVDs, 26 different pistol holsters, gun cleaning items, walking sticks, paracord, wool woodsmans' jackets, military flags, fish net, set of fast deploy AR500 body armor, large variety of magazine pouches, 5 gallon buckets, siphon hoses, solar shower, face shields, couple of RZ masks, variety of Honeywell mask air filters, Dupont chemical suits, military snow shoes, mosquito repellant, hammocks, water storage boxes, blankets, thermal tops, hand warmers, four sets of 6" armor side plates, 2 pellet gun traps, chemical light stick magnetic bases, 3 rocket stoves, spotlight, oil lamp, candle lanterns, mantles for propane lanterns, two way radio set, Duke traps, blood pressure cuffs, safety vests, medical bags, stethoscopes, some MTM boxes, hunting clothing, cold weather jackets, military surplus clothing, bags and more.

Collectibles:  Ford auto wrenches, beer taps, Carrilon Tower printer's block, British Enfield bayonet, shaving kit, old irons, hand drill/brace, antique toy shovel, museum quality 1920's Easy Copper Washing Machine, antique replica wooden crossbow with bolts in working order, 50's golf clubs wooden drivers, vintage German typewriter, Coca Cola tray, vintage grease monkey under car roller.

General goods:   Lawn mower blades, saw blades, drill bits, boxes of hardware, screws, nails, 11" Shopsmith bandsaw, Sunhill 4" dust collector, DeWalt 8.5" miter saw, Black & Decker drill, 3724 Jorgenson clamps, Makita angle grinder, 100 Lbs of Porter Cable nailgun nails, flexible screwdriver set, coaxial cable on reels, measuring tapes, tool boxes, audio tape deck, audio receiver, speakers, subwoofer, electric ice cream maker, boom boxes, small coolers, wooden bowling pins, VCR/TV combo, 2 microwaves, size 11 Nike air high tops, kids acoustic guitar, newer Starwars toys, kids golf clubs, fire rescue air breathing aparatus with nylon tank and mask, DVD player, ravioli maker, rice cooker, car audio speakers, kids microscope, tie down straps, sunglasses, umbrellas, hats, garden sprinkler, pogo stick, steel auto ramps, megaphones, portable VHS player w/ screen, lighting fixtures, boys & girls kids' bicycles, chalk board set, roll around room AC unit, retail store display units, glass cases, new in box GMC starter motor, baseballs, Sharper Image battery pack, yard decorations, radios, trail camera, random lumber, children's books, scooter, AC window unit, golf balls, and more.

There are still many great products which used to be available here at Omega for full retail price.  Things like magazine pouches, plate carriers, some clothing items, military surplus items, dry bags, caps, sleeping bags, boots, tools and knives, lockpicking items, ponchos, Duke traps, plus, as mentioned some personal possessions like a Celestron telescope, childrens' bikes, toys, books, and a lot more.

Omega offered a class once upon a time about utilizing auctions as a great way to get high quality tools and gear for very low prices -- if you've never been to an auction, now might be a great time to learn the ropes.  Bring your driver's license, head to the auctioneer's booth and get a number (so you can bid).  It's easy.  I will be here on site to help you through the process.  See you there!