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Depression NOW: Invisible Breadlines

We never see a soup line.  They say the economy is great.  It certainly could be worse, but the state of the nation is by all measures -- not good.

EBT, or Electronic Benefit Transfer, is one of the prime reasons no one seems to notice just how bad things really are for almost half of American citizens (as well as for the countless throngs of illegal immigrants, refugees, and migrants).

Take a look at this infographic at Demonocracy.com which is an accurate representation of what a Walmart might look like if people did not have credit card-like EBT cards.  The EBT looks and acts like a normal credit card we all use, but if you look closely at checkout you can see that they are different.

There would be TWO lines of 458 people each, stretching 1/4 mile!  ...to be served on an as-needed basis.  Now there is a picture for you.  As bad or worse than the actual "Great Depression" of the 1930's.

...but we don't SEE it.

...and what happens when EBT is restricted or unavailable?  The riots which have been exemplified over and over during small scale outages may or may not be indicative of part or all of the general EBT users' thought process, but it seems as though the "entitlement mentality" is at an all time high.  In this candid clip, listen as the participants talk about burning the place down if their "link card" (EBT) is cut off:

America does not have a revenue problem.  If you are above the poverty line, when you account for sales tax, property tax, income tax, social security tax, vehicle licensing fees, gas tax, required insurance, tax on your cell phone -- and all the other nickel and dime taxes upwardly mobile contributors to society pay -- we are paying over 50% of our earned wages in taxes.  Utterly ridiculous.

Only half of the country finds itself in this situation.  The other half is accessing some form of government benefit paid for by the taxpayer -- and they expect to continue getting it.  If they don't, the country faces a high liklihood of violence.

Meanwhile, all levels of government are spending like drunken sailors as our national debt increases into the 20 TRILLION range and the deficit continues to grow.  Where is the money going to come from??  A tree?  There is no more money.  Just watch this fantastic expo on what would happen if they STOLE ALL THE MONEY of all profitable ventures in the country:

Yes, "Eat the Rich" -- and watch what happens.  We will live in a true banana republic in very short order.

No, the fact is, and don't consider this financial advice as it's just the opinion of an average layman like yourself:  the U.S. is already bankrupt by definition.  We are a dead man walking.  It is only the illusion of value in the dollar AND allowing banks to "print money" endlessly that is keeping the economy afloat.

There is not enough money in the country to sustain the entitlement programs, the military spending, and the general buffoonery of programs approved of by our over paid, under performing "legislature".

Hold on tight, because the Titanic is sinking.

Make sure you have fashioned your lifeboat before it is too late.