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Edible Ohio Plants Seminar

Edible Ohio Plants Seminar

Next Course:  TBD
Cost:  $20.oo
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Bring a notebook and your questions as Lynn from Blue Lake Botanicals, right here in Ohio, brings her expertise to Omega for another seminar about which plants -- probably right in your backyard -- are able to be used as a nutritional food source.

The nice thing about this class, other than having a very knowledgeable instructor, is that it's all about plants right here in Ohio.  Lynn will have samples of numerous plants in hand to pass around the class so participants can see for themselves what the specimens look like first hand.  This in addition to her powerpoint presentation in which many more species will be explained.

  • Which plants can be used.
  • How the plants can be used.
  • What medicinal properties some plants have.
  • General information on plant identification.
  • Q&A session during the entire seminar.