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Medicinal Ohio Plants & Basic Herbal Remedy

Medicinal Ohio Plants & Basic Herbal Remedy Synthesis
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You'll get an introduction to folk methods of herbal medicine making as well as how to use these plants in foods and teas. We'll talk about foraging and gardening, giving you confidence to get started in finding some common plants right in your own backyard.

You will see several varieties of plants in person and touch, examine and smell them.  Ask your questions as we go along, come prepared with your own questions.  Our instructor is sure to have an answer and some advice for your avenue of interest.

What plant is known as "white man's footprint", is native to Europe but naturalized throughout the US, is high in vitamin C, can be eaten in salads, and has a long history as a medicinal plant for treating skin conditions?  Find out at the class.

Join us for an introduction to some common medicinal wild plants of Ohio, many brought to the New World by the early settlers while others are native to Ohio. Learn about plant lore, safe identification, what parts to harvest and when, and how to use them.

The instructor will discuss synthesizing numerous home remedies in several formats right here in the class, so you can walk away with the confidence to try making your own tinctures, balms, and more.  Learn the basics of making herbal medicines at home and how to use them to keep your family well.

Lynn, the instructor, has a degree in biology, is a lifelong organic gardener and amateur naturalist, and makes handcrafted herbal products and teas.

This seminar focuses on medicinal uses for Ohio plants, making tinctures, salves, and rendering oils.  If you're more interested in Wild Edibles, check out that class here.