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Fire Making 101 -- The Basics

Firemaking 101 Seminar
Next Course:  TBA
Cost:  $20.oo -- Includes Extra Large Firestarting Rod
Contact us to express interest in this class.

Fire starting isn't rocket science, but the fact is you have to practice it.  Let this be your practice run....then apply your skills in the field.

You WILL leave this seminar having made fire -- and understand why.

Each person will make a small fire using several different methods.  The instructor will help each person after explaining each method in detail.

We will experiment with making fire in numerous ways:  ferrocium rods, strike wheels, matches, magnesium shavings, potassium manganite, fuel cubes, and fire paste -- plus we'll experiment with several tinder types and discuss how to get that little fire blazing into a full on fire.

Fire is a necessity of life when you haven't got electricity.  We should all be able to get a flame going if we really need it.  Hope you can join us.

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