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You can also pick up a FREE hardcopy at the shop and ask questions in person.

We've all heard the FEMA commercials, recommending 3 days worth of food, water, and other supplies.  Regardless of the reasons you think it's necessary to have some supplies on hand, Omega stands ready to help.  Start by downloading the above report, checking out articles in our Learning Center, or watching a video of our Pre-Made Kits.

What supplies are in your family preparedness kit?  Do you even have a kit?

Our FREE report discusses things like:

  • Basic kit supplies
  • What makes a good first aid kit
  • Supplies for advanced first aid kits
  • Ways to recognize when to activate your plan
  • ...and numerous tips on security for your family

We suggest you come to the store to collect this pamphlet because it will jump start you to action.  Whether you choose to purchase additional supplies you may need with us, or at another location, it truly is part of our mission in Dayton to move people to action -- for every person who is prepared, that is one less person who will need municipal services which may be strained, try to hassle other people out of desperation, and reduce suffering in general at large.

Don't wait any longer.  You know you need to get at least a few things together.  You'll sleep better at night when you have your bases covered.  It's the right thing to do by yourself and by those who rely on you.

Come by the store today for your free preparedness starter plan and have any questions you may have answered right there on the spot by our knowledgable staff.