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Host a Preparedness Party at Your Home

Have a group of friends who are interested in being ready to weather life's storms?

Call or email to schedule a meeting:  (937) 212-5561  /  omegacom@gmx.com

We will talk to your group about any aspect of preparedness you'd like to discuss -- or, we can give you our general talk on the things we think beginners should be concentrating:

  • Why preparing is a good idea and what can happen during a crisis.
  • Water and water filtration capability.
  • Food storage.  What kinds, for how long, and preparation.
  • Defense.  What to worry about, strategies to stay safe.
  • General equipment and helpful "must-haves".

We will bring 25 year shelf life food for your group to sample and prepare it "off-grid" right there.

Other equipment we will feature are water filters, defensive items, and a "3 Day Bag" as an example of things which can help you during a tough situation.

Whether you're worried about a winter power outage, a tornado, or a complete Mad Max scenario resulting from a grid down scenario caused by an EMP or other disaster -- our people can answer your questions and show you some things you may not have thought of prior to our meeting.

We do offer this as a free service, although any "donations" are appreciated for gas and time.