December 2014 Conference on Grid Down

The threat of massive power grid failure is one of the most concerning catostrophic scenarios for me, personally.  We have published several articles [long ago] which you can still read, if you're gathering information.

Our 21st century world relies so very heavily on electricity for almost every aspect of life:  water delivery, food transportation, banking, industry, etc. -- if grid power goes and isn't restored in short order, the worst case Mad Max scenario would certainly be realized within 1 single month.

The conference, excerpted below, brought together minds from many fields and the picture they paint not only echoes the things we have published on that scenario, but in fact sounds much worse.

Right click here and "Save target as" to download the entire PDF.

Below is a quick snippet of reading from the above PDF from the conference:

(from page 36)
"In the early morning hours of December 4, 2014, many of the nation’s electrical system operators and grid operators notice erratic operation of their systems. The nation appears to be experiencing a widespread targeting of the electrical generation and transmission systems.  All of the nation’s regional transmission organizations and independent system operators are reporting irregularities to NERC and the Energy Department"

(from page 37)
"The electrical generation plants are reporting problems with turbine controls. As a result, many large multi-megawatt generators are experiencing phase synchronization problems. This has resulted in saturation of many of the extra-high voltage transformers and overheating.  While they attempt to determine the cause of the problem, many of the huge transformers explode, creating the belief that there may be a simultaneous physical attack on the system."

You're starting to get a picture.

The rest of the document discusses what "they" think things would look like 1 day, 1 week, 1 month after a failure.  It is not a pretty sight -- and remember, these are the "experts"....not just some "crazy survivalist."

So take heed, friends.  Be ready.