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Integrated Self Defense Seminar

Integrated Self Defense Seminar
Next Course:  June 16th, 2018, a Saturday at TAMA Dojo, 3:30-5:30pm
Call to register:  (937) 254-7035
Cost:  $50 per person

ISD is taught to Special Armed Forces, US Marines and Philippine Marines, USAF Security, SWAT and other law enforcement.  Dayton is lucky to have Master Manuel Taningco who has taught this course for numerous organizations, including U.S. government forces and agencies, as well as being the chief trainer for the International Close Protection Association.

This is a hands on course and while not "boot camp" it is a physically demanding seminar which will require the participant to engage with other students in a physical manner.  No "sparring" will take place, but manipulation of arms, hands, legs and the body in general is par for the course.

Here is what you can expect:

  • Close quarter combat simulation/training
  • Weapon (gun) retention
  • Take downs into handcuffing
  • Body manipulation
  • Close quarter combat simulation/training with knife
  • Ground control
  • Speed strikes and pressure points

Feel free to call TAMA Martial Arts at the number above for more detail.

This course will be held at TAMA dojo on Woodman Drive in Kettering.

* The video above contains numerous styles, including Kali (sticks), some of which will be touched on, some not.  The video is a general feature of Master Taningco.