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Introduction to Baofeng UV-5R

Introduction to the Baofeng UV-5R Amateur (HAM) Radio
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The UV-5R is the preferred radio of preppers.  It is inexpensive and functional, allowing for transmissions as far as 25 miles without a repeater tower.

Intro to Baofeng is not only a chance to learn how to program your radio, but it's also a quick primer for amateur radio in general.  Learn what exactly you can do with amateur radio, but specifically, what you can do with a UV-5R.

Our instructor, Mr. Juan Soliz, is an award-winning, nationally recognized IT Engineer of multiple disciplines, not to mention an U.S. Air Force veteran.  He is well-rounded, capable, and still involved in amateur radio communications and cyber security.

The instructor will provide each student with a USB drive containing software drivers, manual programming steps, openoffice (in case you don't have powerpoint), all for your own personal use, as well as the presentation itself for later review!  Also provided will be a laminated frequency card for later use.

In this class, the instructor(s) will touch on all of the following:

  • FCC rules
  • How to obtain your "HAM ticket"
  • Frequencies and frequency planning
  • Installing, configuring and using "CHIRP" software
  • Radio usage in emergency scenarios
  • Manual radio configuration
  • General concepts of amateur radio
  • UV-5R specific tips and training

For a student to go through the class as it's designed, students should have a laptop computer running Windows (or a Windows tablet) which can accept a USB stick, a UV-5R radio (or radio using a Kenwood connection), and a programming cable.  (Omega will likely have UV-5Rs and accessories like programming cables available on site for purchase.)

It is not required to have the above materials to get useful knowledge from the class, but it will allow you to participate without looking over a friend's shoulder.

Click this link to see all info about Baofengs and HAM on the Omega website.