Introduction to Reloading Ammunition Seminar

Hands On Reloading Workshop
Next Course:  April 27th, 2018 -- a Friday at 7pm at the shop
Cost:  $20.oo

Number of spaces still available:   0

Reloading, like many skills, can seem very "mystical" to someone who has no experience with it.  If you've ever wondered how reloading works, what equipment is involved, the difficulty level, how much it might cost to get into the hobby, or any other aspect, consider attending this class.

You'll press a bullet start to finish in this class.  Get an idea for the amount of pressure that is needed to properly seat a cartridge.  We'll do a few different common calibers.

David Clark is our instructor, retired U.S. Army.  David has trained on numerous military platforms, trained thousands of soldiers at Ft. Benning, and is a student of historical military and civilian weaponry.  David has been reloading his own ammunition safely for decades and can give you a great introduction to how it all works.

This seminar's presentation lasts about two hours, but the Q&A can put it over that time.  Sign up for this class and you'll walk away ready to do some intelligent research and take the next step.