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Tactical Combative Knife Seminar

Tactical Combative Knife Seminar
Next Course:  TBD
Cost:  $50.oo per person, Special Price for Omega Customers
Certificate of Completion provided.

Tactical Combative Knife includes:
1. Angle of Attacks
2. Understanding Bladed Weapon
3. Conversation Knife Training with a partner
4. Rapid Knife - Developing speed with these drills
5. Tactical Disarm
6. Sensitivity Drills against a knife

Manuel Taningco is a founder of TAMA Martial Arts Center and Grandmaster Instructor in Dayton area for the last 40 years.

Manuel Taningco was contracted by US Armed Forces/US Government to teach the Special Security Force (Air Force) before going to Iraq.  He was also invited by the US Marines to teach at their headquarters in Quantico, Virginia.  He has also taught SWAT Teams and other law enforcement, including US Marshalls and has trained the Special Action Force (SAF) Philippines Marines which are a tactical anti-terrorism force.

I've taken this class personally and loved it.  It's hands-on training with practice knives using real world scenarios and attack techniques.  If you want a fighting chance should someone ever pull a knife on you, this is a great class to give you the tools and confidence to survive such an encounter.

The class will take place at TAMA dojo on Woodman Drive at 3-30 pm, Saturday, May 14th -- the fee for the class is $97 per person unless you register early.  Class will run about 2 hours.  Wear comfortable "work out" clothes and be ready to get a little physical (in a safe environment with a trained instructor).  Email Omega to sign up.

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