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Knife Sharpening Workshop

Knife Sharpening Workshop with Mike "The Knife" Ruppert
Next Course:  TBD
Cost:  $30.oo

Number of spaces still available:   THIS CLASS IS CLOSED/FULL

Start putting a great edge on all of your knives.  If you're like many people, me included, your knife sharpening skills are fair at best -- this workshop, taught by an expert instructor you may recognize, along with a proper sharpener will change that forever.  Guaranteed.

Mike "The Knife" Ruppert is back for this seminar.  If you've met him at the shop before, you know Mike is extremely knowledgeable and full of life experience to share both in the venue of knives, knife sharpening, knife fighting, and more.

This is a hands-on knife sharpening course, so bring a few of your own knives to practice on during the course.  All students will be required to sign a waiver, as we are working with knives.  The course will be 2-3 hours in length.

Each student will be provided with a handout that corrects the errors found in many knife sharpening manuals, as well as in scientific-natured diagrams, proving why you should start sharpening in the manner of our instructor -- correctly.

We will cover the science of knife sharpening and allow anyone with normal hand strength to put a razor edge on any knife.  Knife sharpening does NOT require keen eyesight or eye/hand coordination.  We will demonstrate freehand knife sharpening and then talk about why you should not sharpen that way unless marooned on an island. 

Two stones are all that are required to razor edge most knives.  Bring your knives to the class.  You will EASILY sharpen 2 or 3 pocket/kitchen knives at the workshop.  Feel free to bring your sharpening system(s) if you already own a portable system -- the instructor will help you evaluate for yourself the pros and cons of what you are currently using.

Here is a letter from one of Mike's former students:

Dec 5, 2017
I thought this may interest you. 

The knife I have, the ZT ( zero tolerance ) that you repaired with the ( much better) spyderco clip, was last sharpened a couple months ago by you (using)  your edge pro.  I use it here and there, nothing too crazy. Honestly I like the spydercos much better. 


Anyway I am at this moment at a wrestling meet with my son as a spectator. He had a team mate tell him he was going to be disqualified and forfeit all his matches due to side burns and a mustache. I guess that’s a new rule. Wrestlers must be clean cut. The kid was upset and my on said to him “ Hold on, my dad may have something that can help”. 


So he came up to me in the stands and told me the issue, he asked if my knife was still “Ruppert Sharp”.  I tested it on my arm and it shaved, I told him to have the boy go to the bathroom and use hand soap for shaving cream. He did and he’s clean shaven and now allowed to wrestle. Your knife really will shave. The high school wrestling team thanks you! 


-- J