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Local Emergency Preparedness Store Serves Dayton Ohio

Your local survival supply & emergency preparedness store here in Dayton, Ohio, doesn't have the huge overhead of big box stores -- we also have friendly and informed staff who are happy to answer all of your questions regarding gear and emergency preparedness theory in general.

When you shop at Omega you are supporting a local small business in Dayton, Ohio.  This means that your money is staying right here.  It not only keeps this shop (which we are told repeatedly is a great local resource) here for you to access, it also keeps food on the table of local people.

We are BIG on doing business with other small businesses like us.  You'll find locally made products here, as well as products made right here in America which come from other small businesses within the United States.  A full 50%+ of our inventory is not made in China.  It comes from Canada, Germany, Switzerland, Sweden, Japan, the USA, and those products which are from China or elsewhere are carefully selected from companies which place a high value on quality control.

We guarantee you the lowest price and the highest quality.

Why buy on the internet when you can get a comparable price (when considering shipping fees) and you can make sure your product is proper by seeing it in person and examining with your own eyes before you buy?  If there is a problem with your product, you have a place to come back to and rectify the problem -- no need to send endless emails and spend valuable time on the phone trying to fix your problem. . .we will make your problem go away with one visit.  (We rarely have problems anyhow.)

So, THANK YOU, for supporting local business -- not only here, but also in all of your choices of goods and service.  Choose local business all around!