Resources for Survival and Preparedness, Local

Keep your dollars local if you can!

We want you to know about the local resources here in Dayton which may be able to help you in your personal preparedness planning, gear assessments, gear supply, classes, and more.  Check out the businesses, groups, and places on this page.

On HAM Radio...

You've thought about getting your HAM license.  Maybe you know a person or two who has a license.  I encourage you to get your license -- it is not that difficult, nor is it as expensive as you likely think.  Check out these articles and start your quest:

My SIMPLE Quest for a HAM Radio License -- How do I get a license?
Beginner HAM Radio Selection Thoughts. -- by John G. Milliff
Why HAM Radio?  -- Be able to answer that question.

Other local folks you may be interested in...

Middletown Sportsman's Club
The Middletown Sportsmen's Club (MSC) was founded in 1947, and has been dedicated to offering the best local facilities for shooters, fisherman and sportsmen in the area. They're a great club and you should definitely consider becoming a member.  Shooting facilitites are great, as are the members.

Cole's Nature Calls is a small business south of Xenia.  Brian Cole is a lifetime hunter and outdoorsman who has developed the best scent (estrus) warmer on the market.  He has many other deer scent products, such as a gel scent for bringing those big bucks into range.  Check out his site for more information.

Miami Valley Preparedness Network is a group which "introduces individuals to the Self Reliant style of living. By building communities to help people prepare for any natural or man made disasters."  MVP has monthly meetings and classes on various topics.

Jeff Bonham Electric is the best electrical work company in town.  Jeff personally helped me with a small solar system, he has the best prices on whole house generators you will find -- AND, most importantly, the work they do is of the highest quality and you do not have to worry about his employees being in your house. . .he hires good people.

-- Hey, a good old-fashioned butcher shop!  They can get about any meat you want and they source it as close to home as possible.  Right here in Dayton.  They even offer delivery for just $5.

Midwest Native Skills Institute
-- All varieties of survival and self reliance skills offered such as edible plant identification, basic survival skills, homesteading, etc..  Located up in Cleveland, but might be worth a drive.


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