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Lock Flow Seminar with Grand Master Taningco

Lock Flow Seminar
Next Course:  TBD
Cost:  $40.oo per student
Where:  TAMA Dojo, Woodman Drive, Kettering, OH
Contact:  937-254-7035  ...for more info and/or to register.

The art of Lock Flow stems from Filipino Kali Empty hand training techniques which are so unique that they've been taught to and used by the U.S. Armed Forces and law enforcement around the globe.

Learn to seize and control an attacker using locks and throws.

Grandmaster Manuel Taningco will cover beyond the basic understanding of each technique and the anatomy of effective joint locking techniques against the striking attack and grabs.  He will walk you through different combination sequences with many different possible routes of combinations, which will result in throws and/or submission.

Sensitivity drills are important in understanding the anatomy of an attacker.  Using this technique from the class, you will have a better understanding of your abilities through this hybrid of Kali Empty Hand.