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Lockpicking 101

Lockpicking 101
Next Course:  TBA
Cost:  $30.oo
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One of our most unusual and entertaining classes -- everyone is smiling and laughing when it comes time to pick locks.  You get access to a 30 year professional locksmith and his wealth of experience.  Class lasts approximately 3 hours.

The first half of the class consists of a big screen PowerPoint instructional/question & answer session on how locks work, how picking works, and the various types of locks you'll encounter in the real world -- while the last half of the seminar has you practicing hands-on lockpicking with our expert David Storm guiding you along the way.

I often have people ask me "What does lock picking have to do with survival?"  First, I use my own lock picking skills at least once or twice a year to help myself overcome a lock or to help a friend with the same, whether it's being locked out of my house or needing to get into a pad lock for which I've lost the key.  From a survival standpoint, being able to get into a locked area to scavenge (in the worst case WROL scenario) in a quiet, safe way could be a life saving technique.  If you read any apocalyptic fiction, lock picking is almost in every book at some point or another and the person who can do it becomes a hero of the moment.  It's useful in normal, real life situations, as well as in extraordinary ones.

Students will learn the following:

  • picking padlocks
  • handcuffs
  • deadbolts
  • key-in-doorknob locks.

You'll get a rare view into the internal workings of locks using specialized see-through teaching tools.

Learn how tumblers work, the raking technique, bypass techniques, and a whole lot more.

Our instructor has taught locksmithing for 30 years.  A very interesting and inviting fellow, David is also currently involved in a survival skills school east of Zanesville, Ohio -- he is well rounded and a wealth of knowledge on many topics.