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Medical Bags & Supplies Workshop

Medical Bags Teardown Workshop
Next Course:  TBAm
Cost:  $10.oo
We'll raffle a $35 CAT torniquet + 10% off all medical supplies that day

Note:  This class does not constitute medical training or advice.

Number of spaces still available:    7

I'll take apart my large medical bag for the group, as well as a couple of other smaller kits and explain the differences and nuances between them.  Ask questions as we delve into the bag, compare it to your own and just soak it all up.

You're sure to walk away with at least a few ideas you hadn't thought of yet -- if you're new to building kits, it will be overwhelming, so we've developed a four page handout which is given to each participant, listing various things you definitely do not want to omit from your bag(s), as well as some of my own philosophy on medical kits.

Topics covered include:

  • Patrol IFAK type kits (Individual First Aid Kits)
  • Major trauma supplies
  • Permanent bug out medical supplies
  • Supplies and over-the-counter medications you might forget about

Bring your own kit.  Maybe you have something that I've forgotten about -- this will be a great opportunity for beginners to get a first hand look at lots of different gear. . .and a great chance for an EMT to quality check my work and maybe even his or her own bag.

This workshop seems to always be useful for the participants.  We can never go over equipment and thought exercises too many times.

The icing on the cake for this workshop is that Omega Survival Supply takes 10% off ALL medical supplies ONLY for the participants of this class after the workshop has ended -- just in case there's something you would like to add to your bag immediately which is spurred on during the discussion period.