Omega Survival Preparedness Conference 2016

Our "Mini Preparedness Conference" held in January of 2016 was a success!!

We'll be doing another conference for sure -- bigger and better than the first.  I wanted to archive a little about what the conference was and how it went to keep it fresh in our minds.  Be sure and sign up for our Email List (use box on lower right side of page) and check back with us regularly to watch for the next event.

The best way to learn how to do something is first to do it, but second it's to talk with people who have done it.  If you're interested in preparedness (or "prepping"), odds are that the people around you are NOT receptive to your ideas and you're probably keeping your little hobby a secret -- let's face it, most people look at us like we have a third eyeball if you hint at disaster preparedness, right?

That's what this conference is about:  Meeting like-minded people and learning!  The format of the 2016 conference was as follows:

  • 9am to 10am
    Meet and Greet with coffee and donuts, talk w/ other preppers
  • 10am to 10.15am
    Explanation of how the conference will function
  • 10.30am to 1pm
    Group leaders will spur open conversation on various topics
  • 10.30am to 1pm
    Groups will rotate through 5 different stations during this time

The conference was capped at 50 people for 2016, the conference's first year.  We had 5 small groups of 10 people.  Each group had a group leader (vetted by Omega Survival Supply) who suggested avenues of thought to talk about within their assigned topic, who shared their own experiences, and who encouraged open-ended discussion.  Small groups were able to stay on the assigned topic or were free to float between any topics they'd like to discuss.

Topic stations, although not required discussion, were:

  • Food storage and food preparation
  • Water storage and water filtration
  • Grid down and emergency first aid
  • Home and personal security and defense
  • Communications and group dynamics

The conference isn't just about us teaching you (although we will impart some knowledge and have a bit of equipment to show off), it's about you having a chance to talk to other like-minded Emergency Preparedness folks (preppers, if you like) and see what has and hasn't worked for them, pick their brains, share your own experiences and thoughts, and network if you so choose.