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Primitive Fire Making Workshop

Primitive Fire Making with Bow & Drill
Next Course:  TBA
Cost:  $30.oo -- Includes practicing with a bow drill w/ instructor
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Being able to go into the wilderness, select the right wood for making your own drill and ember board, how to fashion all the pieces to the puzzle -- and make fire.  Once you've mastered this skill you can officially call yourself a beginner woodsman.

My firemanship is pretty good, having practiced for 30 years, but normal firemanship deals with using tools like ferrocium rods, magnesium, magnifying glasses, etc..  If you're ready to graduate to the foundational level of fire making, get in on this class, Primitive Fire Making.

Learn the Native American cultural significance of fire from our expert instructor who was raised travelling with his grandfather who constructed important ceremonial fires.  You'll get hands on experience with the bow and drill, make fire on your own with an expert standing by to answer all of your questions and show you how to accomplish this skill.

You can only watch so many Youtube videos before getting out there and finding real experience by laying hands on the tools and being able to access a veteran who can answer your questions and tell you what you're doing right -- and what you're doing wrong.