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Prisoners: Our "Heroes" During an Emergency?

Prisoners released used during an emergency or crisis fema

20 March 2019

There is a growing movement, now with legal language in at least 46 states, that wants to utilize prison inmates as diaster relief labor force.

If you're ever ushered to a FEMA camp, it could be a convict across the table from you and your family handing you a meal, a bottle of water, or even processing your paperwork.  They've also been being used for decades, apparently, news to this author, to fight wildfires regularly in California -- as high as 40% of the fire fighting force in California is presently made up of prisoners.

As a citizen, a non-criminal element citizen, I find this practice irresponsible and rife for abuse and danger to the general citizenry.  Rife for abuse both by the state in the use of free labor and rife for abuse by the prisoners to escape or commit more crimes while lose amongst the general population.

Here are a just a few articles and papers you can read about this controversial and stunningly eye-opening topic: