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Recent Facebook Bug Reveals Graphic Meme Bots at Work

Long and short of this article for those with short attention spans:
Facebook bots can now "read" graphics you post.  People had been using graphic memes as an end run around FB algorithms.  A way to post what you want without getting censored.  You can no longer count on this technique.

Here's the Youtube version of this story:

Facebook was experiencing a bug the first days of July, 2019, in which photos could not be seen.  Instead, there was text in its place.  Check out this screen shot of our photo gallery.  Really read what the bots parsed from photos.  People aren't typing this stuff -- there's billions of photos to go through...no, it's bots:

(Scroll to the bottom to see the other screen shots.)

We all know Facebook is recording everything we post, "like" and read -- they even read what is typed whether you actually hit the "post" button or not.

We also know they are engaging in social engineering by deciding what is allowed to be posted, what photos are hidden or revealed, what content is "hateful" and what content is "approved" for consumption.

As a Libertarian, I am in a pickle.  Corporations are people and as such they should have the freedom to do with their platforms what they will.  We can refuse to participate, right?  (Although refusing to use a smart phone designates you as a possible terrorist -- do we want that?)  Here's a legal statement from Google, as an argued example:

"Just as newspapers have the First Amendment right to make editorial decisions about what content to print, Miami Herald Pub. Co. v. Tornillo, 418 U.S. 241, 258 (1974), operators of search engines possess a First Amendment right to make editorial decisions about which of the trillions of webpages on the internet to display in search results."

You can see how Facebook would defer to the same logic.  They can make "editorial decisions" about which content they serve up to their users.  And they do.  Did you see the Project Veritas undercover video on Google?  Probably not.  It was pulled.  From Google (Youtube).  LOL.

"A new Project Veritas video that includes testimony from a whistleblower, leaked internal documents, and undercover footage of a Google employee discussing how the company is working to prevent "the next Trump situation" has been pulled by YouTube, a platform owned by Google, "due to a privacy claim by a third party." This is the second Project Veritas Big Tech exposé video taken down by the platform in two weeks."

On the other hand, once a forum becomes so large, anti-trust laws must come into play.  Monopolies.  That's what we're talking about here.  Facebook, Google, and arguably Amazon have clear cut monopolies in their fields.

When this happens, you no longer can hide behind "freedom" (which is ironic given how oppressive and censorship-loving Facebook/Google are).  You now effectively control a specific marketplace and have the ability to force your own "goods" on the publie-- in Facebook/Google case they can force INFORMATION or OPINION on us, or even HIDE information.

That's it really.  Bottom line is, now even your photos and graphic memes are being read, parsed, rated, recorded, and probably censored.

Be advised.  Remember, when it comes to the internet and even "news" media these days -- you'll NEVER get the full story.  You'll be lucky to get 1/3 of the story if that given story is even findable at all.

The remainder of our screen shots are below.