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Rifles Maintenance Class in Dayton, Ohio

TRIFECTA Rifle Maintenance Class:  AR, AK, & SKS
Next Course:  TBD
Cost:  $10.oo
Contact us to sign up for the next class.

Do something fun AND educational on Friday night.

David Clark is our instructor, retired U.S. Army.  David has trained thousands of soldiers at Ft. Benning on the M-16 platform, is an avid collector, and is a student of military and civilian firearms.

Learn the A, B, C's of keeping your rifles in good working order.

Learn to properly field strip.

Remove the bolt from the carrier, remove and inspect your firing pin.

What to have in your cleaning kits.

Where to oil, what kinds of products to use for lubrication.

Different accessories you can add-on and what ramifications those add-ons have.

You do not need to own any of these rifles to take this class.  If you've been thinking about getting a rifle, this is a great opportunity to get an in-depth look at these platforms and what is involved with them.

If you own one, but aren't as familiar as you'd like to be, this is a great class for you -- bring your rifle to class, UNLOADED and with NO AMMO, of course.

To sign up for this seminar, or for more information, CONTACT US.
omegacom@gmx.com   |   937-212-5561   |   Or, stop in the store.