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Small Solar Systems for Preppers

Small Solar Systems for Preppers
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In this hour long talk, you'll learn the basics of a solar power system.  We have a roof mounted system right here in the store to show proof of concept for that type of system, as well as a couple of other more portable systems for your inspection.

Learn about the few, simple components you need to create your own solar system at home for far less than store bought, pre-assembled systems.  We'll help you figure out what your true basic needs are, which will define how big of a system  you really need.

We like to take the mystique out of solar.  It's really not that complex and can be done by anyone with the drive to do so.  Solar power can be relatively inexpensive, easy to assemble, easy to use and maintain, and most importantly it can give you an edge in a serious disaster or crisis by providing much needed capabilities.