Next to water, food should be your main concern.  Over the past 5 years we've watched food inflation run at about 25% -- maybe you've noticed this at the grocery store.  Consider locking in your food dollars by purchasing 25+ year shelf life food today that will be just as good 25+ years from now -- think of the savings.

We can save you hundreds of dollars on food storage -- contract stipulations prevent us from advertising how low our prices are.

Deciding which food storage is the best choice for you can be a difficult decision, not only from a "which food to buy" standpoint, but also from a cost "dollars and cents" standpoint.

We strongly urge you to come to the store, or give us a call (937) 212-5561 to discuss your options.  Omega carries a wide variety of long-term storage foods from fully prepared, ready to eat meals, to dehydrated and freeze dried pre-prepared dishes, to base ingredients like salt and flour which have been prepared for long term storage.

The experienced, friendly staff at Omega will take as much time as is needed to consult with you on the topic of food. . .or any other emergency preparedness topic.  Let us help you make an informed decision.