Survival Scenarios, Emergencies & Disasters

REAL Snowstorm Travel Blues in NYC Area
Do you travel?  If so, read this REAL LIFE account submitted by one of our clients.  Almost stranded at the airport, tensions were running high and resources low as a quick "in and out" meeting went south.  ...Read more

Costa Rica:  Prepper Hideout or Survival Pass?
Bringing you a one-of-a-kind first person perspective after a trip to Costa Rica, we'll examine what we saw and how we interpret the theme that this country is a good place for preppers to set up a retreat. ...Read more

Costa Rican Deathmarch:  Tips on Adventuring
My wife at my side (as strong a workhorse as she is beautiful), we hiked a distance of 9.6 miles through the highlands of Costa Rica.  Starting at an elevation of 8,100 feet at the base of the Turrialba Volcano...Read more

Car Breakdowns, Power Outages, Tornadoes
We'll go with the most common, least threatening kind of breakdown.  You have your cell phone, it's daylight, and there are other motorists on the road.  A minor inconvenience.  We highly recommend a AAA membership...  Read more

Cruisin' for a Bruisin', High Sea Preparedness
Ever go on a cruise? We’ve all seen the news reports of an entire ship getting sick or breaking down and having to be towed back to port. Unfortunate, scary, and hardly a vacation. If you still find yourself...  Read more

California residents are used to the duck and cover rhetoric and are probably conditioned on what to do during an earthquake.  For the rest of us, ahem, New Madrid fault line, who are not accustomed...  Read more

Ebola Outbreak in America
What a perfect opportunity the world had to contain a very deadly pathogen to just one continent, or at least keep it out of North America, South America, and Australia.  Sadly, the persons and agencies which...  Read more

Economic Collapse
For the purposes of discussing an economic collapse, we will assume it's a worst case scenario.  There are things we can do to better position ourselves for an economic downturn and many of those apply...  Read more

Financial Preparedness:  Silver, Tools, Skills
In lieu of the hiccups in the stock market, it begs the question of financial preparedness.  When we think of preparedness, we usually think of it in terms of gear.  In a slow collapse scenario, however, such as a...  Read more

Flooding is foreign to many of us, but all too familiar to some.  Flooding could be the result of excessive rainfall over land, or due to storm surge and/or oceanic-generated disasters like tidal waves and...  Read more

Heat in the Winter without Power
I want to say a little about burning fossil fuels for heat. We really dodged a bullet in 2008 when that big hurricane-related wind storm knocked power out to tens of thousands here in the Dayton area -- we were...  Read more

The Oroville Dam:  A Perfect Endorsement for Alternative News
The Oroville dam situation (of mid February, 2017) is a shining example of how you cannot rely even on local officialdom to give you the straight dope regarding developing emergency situations... Read more

Power Outage / EMP
We've all been there.  The lights flicker during a storm, then go out.  It can be a fun time, sort of.  It can also be annoying and, if it isn't a simple fix for the power company, it can become BIG trouble for...  Read more

Tips for the Social Aspects of Living a "Prepared Life"
Tip # 1  Lay off your wife, husband, and/or family members.  We may see the writing on the wall politically, socially, economically, but odds are your significant other does not.  We try and try to convince them...  Read more

Your Responsibility As a "Prepper" -- Give Us a Good Name
We've all dealt with the negative stigma.  The moment it comes out that you store food and water or other supplies, you notice the smirk and darting eyes searching for the smirks on the faces of others within....  Read more

The True State of the American Economy
Flatly, the state of the economy is poor.  Despite general media rainbow-blowing “optimism”, the actual facts, as well as what we as real people experience and hear about on a daily basis, paint a much...  Read more

A Modern Story of Collapse: Venezuela circa 2016
Venezuela is in turmoil.  For preparedness purposes, this article will focus on what is happening in Venezuela from a "prepper's" perspective; that is, daily life struggles on the ground.  If you'd like to find out...  Read more

Asteroids & Volcanoes, Oh My
Asteroids and volcanoes?  I've been watching too many movies, you say.  Did you know that a handful of meteors have exploded in our upper atmosphere since 2002 with the force of multi-ton nuclear warheads...  Read more

Conference on Grid Down Scenario
Our 21st century world relies so very heavily on electricity for almost every aspect of life:  water delivery, food transportation, banking, industry, etc. -- if grid power goes and isn't restored in short order, the...  Read more

EMP War Gaming:  Society Afterwards
The above graphic is an artist's interpretation of an electromagnetic pulse (EMP) detonation.  It might help the brain to wrap around just what an EMP is -- but the only electromagnetic pulse we ever...  Read more

Getting Started in HAM Radio
If you have a smart phone, do a search for "free tech HAM license study".  There are lots of apps which both free and very useful for familiarizing yourself with the questions you will be asked on the 35...  Read more

The Omega YouTube Guide for Preppers
We have compiled a list of a few YouTube channels we enjoy.  There is a lot of junk on YouTube and the web in general regarding preparedness, so it is our hope that this list will help you hone in on some of the...  See the list

Zombie Apocalypse
Hey, we have to have some fun.  Yes, we know there are no zombies, but it's a good mental exercise.  When you're ready for zombies, you're ready for pretty much anything so sit back and let your...  Read article


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