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Omega Survival Supply - Dayton Ohio Survival & Prepper Store

We are in Dayton, Ohio, welcoming preppers, CERT teams, bushcrafters, police, fire, EMS, veterans and grannies -- you can get the emergency supplies you need locally, today.  We consult with you confidentially and free of charge.

Our online philosophy is simple:  There are too many survival items online -- it's confusing.  Preparedness, specifically if you're just getting started, can be an overwhelming task.  Our "bricks & mortar" retail store has thousands of survival, emergency preparedness, camping, hiking and self-defense products which we can help you with in person.  Do not rely on the internet or a "fly-by-night" operation, Amazon, or eBay.
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We guarantee you the best available products at the lowest price -- you get to handle and inspect products in person, with the local accountability of a store with regular hours.

If you're new to preparedness, it is a very confusing marketplace.  Choosing between the hundreds of choices in products is daunting.  It might even make you freeze and do nothing at all.  It's our mission to have every single American be able to fend for his or herself -- we want you prepared.

--  Costa Rica: Prepper Hideout or Pass for Survival?

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You may have 1,000's of questions, or maybe you're a pro -- either way, you'll enjoy our friendly, easy going environment and informed staff.  There's no need to rely on the internet and "some guy" you don't know -- come to our store and speak with a person.  If you're too far away from Dayton, Ohio, then Contact Us for personal consulting, free of charge.  Get on our Email and/or Text List, Sign Up for Our App -- stay in tune with the Omega Family....become a part of this family.

Americans are waking up in droves to the fact that the world is becoming a bit more unpredictable and perhaps more dangerous even here at home -- you do not want to be one of the refugees, the stranded, or the helpless masses. . .not when you have the means to hedge against that possibility.

You need supplies and information to reach your goal of being prepared for yourself, and maybe even for family and friends who rely on you.  Omega Survival Supply, in Dayton, Ohio, provides a solution:  Supplies and Information.  Come to the store and speak with a knowledgable preparedness mentor.  We can answer questions regarding water filtration, food storage and preparation, off-grid and solar power generation, fire making, general gear, first aid and more.  At the store you can examine the equipment you've only been able to see online, hold it in your own hands and evaluate it before deciding to purchase.  Ask questions.  Learn.  All at a local retail store which is specifically dedicated to helping you get prepared.
Some of the products not seen on the website which we carry in the store:  Dietz lanterns, full Berkey lineup, Lifestraw water filters, CERT mandated medical and first aid supplies like CAT and TK4 torniquets, Quikclot bandages, z-fold gauze, surgical utencils, bleed stop bandages, cold weather car kits, Baofeng HAM radios and accessories, rocket stoves, Paqlite glow sticks, Voodoo tactical gear, Gerber tools, dry bags, MoraKniv, hammocks, backpacks, Kelly Kettles, Biolight stoves, CATI body armor level 3a to 4 steel/ceramic, and so so much more.

You have many choices of where to purchase your survival supplies on the internet -- but how many of those stores know their products?  When you choose Omega, you're choosing service and knowledgeYou can call us any time of day and get a person to answer your questions about gear you already have, or gear you are considering purchasing.  It's the difference between going to a home town hardware store (if you can find one these days) and a big box retailer.  The clerk at a big box store is just that, a clerk.  At Omega you're getting someone with experience and knowledge with our products who cares about preparedness and has a passion for learning more.

75% of our inventory isn't found in stores
.  It's our goal to help you find the products you need to get ready for any emergency or societal scenario YOU deem to be the biggest threat to your normal, everyday life.  We have water filters, solar panels and off grid power generation tools, first aid and medical supplies, long term food storage, knives, tomahawks, axes, and blades of all kinds, fire making tools, primitive cooking options, self and home defense tools, long term lighting, backpacks, emergency sanitation, and a lot more.

Peace of mind.  Investing in emergency preparedness supplies is like purchasing insurance.  You hope you'll never need it, but it's a great idea to have it.  Purchasing in person keeps your preparedness plan private.  No websites, no credit cards, no deliveries.  You can come here and evaluate the products you're interested in -- let us take the risk of first hand inspectiong and delivery.  When you shop at Omega, you're paying for peace of mind.

We will not be beaten on priceContact Us and we will beat any retailer's price.  Money is tight for everyone and this is a pledge extended by an American small business to fellow Americans.  We want all of Dayton, all of America, to stay safe in a disaster.  If we have food and water (and maybe a cup of coffee) then we can think clearly, remain calm, and help others -- as much as the "prepper" is admonished by people at dinner parties and in the media, our clients are the ones who in a disaster will be the biggest asset to their family and friends.

Big box stores do not cater to YOU.  Hunting and sporting goods stores are great, but they don't cater to you.  In Dayton, Ohio, here in the Miami Valley, the only place you can see, touch, and examine this type of hard-to-find gear is here at Omega Survival Supply.  If it's not here already, we can get it for you with no obligation to buy.  If you'd like to see a viable, lasting store dedicated to supplies such as you see here stay in the Miami Valley, come on over and check us out.  Plan on spending at least 30 minutes, probably more.  There's lots to see.

Understand something about our Emergency Preparedness Supply & Survival Store:   There are some unique tools listed on the website, but we most enjoy serving Dayton, Ohio, and the surrounding area in person.  We have hundreds more products in the store than you will ever find online.  You can get an idea of what we have in stock by viewing the pictures, products, videos, and articles we publish here but we really recommend that you come to the shop!  Get down here and see what we have.  Clients are always pleasantly surprised as to what we've put together.  Hundreds and hundreds of products you'll see nowhere else and here you can handle and examine them before you buy.

Remember --  We won't be beaten on price.  If you want to see a product, let us know.  If you have a question about a product, whether you're local or across the country, give us a call.  We are glad to talk to you via phone, text, or email at your convenience.  We have intimate knowledge about almost every product in our store, having used them ourselves.  If we don't know an answer, we'll find out for you, but in any case you will get a person to talk to. . .an experienced person who enjoys talking about survival and who can help you.

While much of our gear has cross over use for camping and hiking, Omega Survival Supply also focuses on the preparedness minded, survival , and homesteading lifestyle -- some people prefer the word "prepper" and you're free to refer to it as such.  However you term it, we have lots of hard-to-find preparedness, emergency, and survival gear for you to view and evaluate right here in our Dayton, Ohio, showroom.  Help us succeed as a business and we will help you succeed as a survivor.

Having a hard time convincing people as to why they should be prepared?  Not sure yourself?  Watch this video:

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We know there is a large enough community of like-minded people in this area to support this store, but we need your help to do it.  Join us on the forums and tell a friend.  If you like our news and first alert system App feel free to use it at no cost or support it at Patreon for $2.oo.

We all have a survival buddy...or should...we stand ready to be yours if you need us.