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Suturing for Fun

Suturing for Fun!
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Cost:  $50.oo
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Class is lead by a local family practice physician who trains medical students in this very skill on a regular basis as she has for years.  She will be assisted in class by a senior medical student so that each student gets plenty of one-on-one attention.

We are proud and excited to bring Omega clients this extraordinary opportunity.  Similar courses offered at specialty trade shows or other locations easily cost 3x the amount, so the good doctor is offering her services at a very reasonable fee.

The class -- for entertainment purposes only -- will give the student hands on experience in learning how to suture (using bananas, which is a good simulated "skin")...guided by the apt, experienced, and friendly instructor.

Class will focus on when to suture, what kinds of wounds require suturing, the different types of sutures themselves, as well as the different types of "stiches" which can be used, when and why.

It's a great opportunity to access a real professional.  Her time is extremely valuable, as is the knowledge you'll be learning.  We're pleased provide such a high level workshop at Omega Survival Supply.