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The Omega Prepare Alerts App

The Omega Survival Prepare Alerts App is totally FREE.  We will alert you with news items which interest the prepared individual. . .domestic & international events of significance, political issues, science & technology and more -- we send important, up-to-the-minute, relevant Alerts to your mobile device.

Alerts are sent as FREE "push notifications" to your phone, so it does not count as a text message on your bill.

Do YOU want to know when disaster strikes?!??


Our in-store customers tell us they enjoy it, are happy we've produced it, and even have requested to help support the App which we now appreciatively accept via Patreon.  It's a national and world wide monitoring system, so it doesn't matter where you live -- it doesn't have to cost you anything to get Alerts.....but it could cost you everything not to!

Free mobile app disaster alerts app for preppers

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